Flotsam: On long-haul vehicles and $5 gasoline

By on Feb 17th, 2012 | Big Picture

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Much ado about $5 gas
With talk of $5 per gallon gasoline this summer alternating between “get ready” and “maybe not,” Tom Kloza at the Oil Price Information Service calls all the hype nonsense. While those of us on the West Coast may see $4 per gallon prices soon (thanks to California’s guzzling of expensive summer blends), he notes an unprecedented range of per-gallon prices across the country: $3 in the Mountain West, $4 in Los Angeles, and some Midwestern locations at $2.30 wholesale.

If you read Kloza with any regularity, you’ll discover that today’s fuel prices are, well, complicated, with speculation and hype highly influencing good ol’ supply and demand.

Go the distance with the 10 best cars for putting on the miles
Looking for a vehicle with the engineering and history to carry you and yours for many, many miles? Car-obsessed Jalopnik polled it’s readers for the 10 best. Commentary about why each made the cut is interesting reading. Get to the comments for intense (and totally expected) debate.

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