Youth Hired Again. Is this Really a Good Thing?

By on Jan 3rd, 2012 | Big Picture

The job market is apparently looking up for young adult workers. According to results from a recent Labor Department jobs report, around 650,000 workers between the ages of 16 and 24 found work from September to November of 2011. (This is coming off a significant drop in the nation’s unemployment rate too–8.6% in November, down from 9.0% in October.)

But are these really the kinds of numbers that job seekers want to see? Let me explain.

The report further states that 50,000 jobs came from the retail sector, primarily for holiday work which may or may not have led to extended employment. Also, 15.6% of Americans are still underemployed, meaning they’re either working part-time or are working below their skill set. So, are the stats misleading?

Sure, a lot of young adults found work, but what types of jobs are they working? Part of the upset with today’s economy is underemployment. Motivation to enroll in college is partly to avoid manual labor or middle- or low-skilled jobs, like being retail cashiers or waiters. But it seems that those are the only types of jobs that make up the growth development in this country. A hefty portion of President Obama’s jobs bill proposed $50 billion for roads, rails and airports in order to employ more construction workers. I know I’d rather work towards a career that I’m educated to do, but many will simply take a job just to have one. Both directions have their pros and cons. How do you feel?

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