Our Mission

Together we can help people make important choices about their finances with confidence.

Our goal is simple — to provide direct, intelligent, entertaining content about THE MONEY SIDE OF LIFE™. With a mission to help people, we make fundamental money matters interesting, simple and relevant in order to help you start and remain on the right economic footing.

We are an education company that creates content and delivery solutions to make it easy for you to share important information with your students, employees or customers.

We offer solutions in three different ways:

"I think that it is something that a lot of teenagers need to hear. You hear about people going out into the world right out of college and are instantly up to their eyeballs in debt. You really need to warn them about the dangers there are and the opportunities that there are."


"I just wanted to convey my appreciation for your excellent publications. Each issue holds so much helpful information both for my daughters and myself. We love how you take the "complicated" world of finance and put it into concepts that are easily understood."


“The program that was provided was given to a small group of students in our business school, but I believe that it is something that all students need to hear and would be well received by the whole student body.”


“This company basically started with nothing and that has a connection with me because I want to be a writer and it inspired me that I can try to start my own magazine if I wanted to. Just because you have nothing doesn’t mean you can't go anywhere.”


"We love the program we got from The Money Side of Life™. Our students are getting a much better financial education now."

Bill C - Teacher


Does your company believe that young adults need to understand the MONEY SIDE OF LIFE™?

Young adults want financial independence and the best way to help them is through hands-on experience. That’s why we created the Student Program: To make financial education relevant and engaging with targeted topics high school students need for their financial future. Our experience-based lineup of resources meet all state and national standards and can be used as a stand-alone offering or in conjunction with other curriculum programs.

The MONEY SIDE OF LIFE™ High School Program is a three-year sponsorship opportunity where you, the sponsor, can make a difference in the lives of high school students across the country.

Our Team

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Steve Sims


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Liz Baker

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