10 Ways to Make Moving In with Your Parents Painless

There is no shame in moving back in with your parents, but things will definitely be different the second time around.

You are still their baby, but throwing a fit about it won’t help. Here are 10 suggestions to help make the move an arrangement between adults and avoid an R rating for violence and foul language.

Start talking. The relationship with your parents will change, and adjusting isn’t easy. The best way to avoid miscommunication and aggravation is to talk about problems immediately.

Establish rules. You’re too old to have a curfew, but your parents probably don’t want to hear the pitter-patter of size 12s or high heels at 4 in the morning. Iron out house rules early so everyone feels respected.

Resist the urge to mooch. Your dad bought those Doritos because he wanted to eat them all in one sitting.

Refer to them as your “roommates.” While it may sound like a joke, referring to them as such can help establish a more adult relationship.

Make an exit plan. Start looking for a job right away. Make a budget that saves for a new place. Show your parents, and yourself, that you’re serious about moving on.

Realize the benefits. A fridge full of food, heat in the winter, subsidized rent and utilities, full cable package, and no one up till 3 a.m. playing Call of Duty at full volume. These may be the best roommates you ever have.

Connect with your parents as people. You’ll get to know each other in ways you never did when they had legal control over you.

Offer to helpYour parents will probably charge relatively cheap rent, if any at all. To show appreciation, do something extra. Offer to make dinner a few nights a week, take on more than the usual chores, and generally show that you’re part of the team.

Don’t be a slob. Keep your room clean. Do the laundry. Wash the dishes. You don’t want to be lectured, and they don’t want to nag.

Be prepared to be judged. If you use your rent savings to buy a new phone or expensive clothes instead of saving for your own place, expect to receive a few dirty looks.

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