The Money Side of Life™ High School Program

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The Money Side of Life™ High School Program is built on a philosophy that students learn best through hands-on activities that are directly applicable to their particular life stage. This new program consists of project-based, classroom-focused digital and print media covering eight essential personal finance and college and career readiness topics.

Budgeting: explains why budgeting is essential to forming healthy money habits and walks students through creating a budget that fits their needs and wants.

Saving: helps students determine long- and short-term savings goals and provides options and strategies for how to meet them.

Senior Year: provides a comprehensive timeline and tools to help seniors prepare for graduation, including money-saving strategies for typical 12th grade expenses and dealing with “senioritis.”

College Prep: explores post-secondary education options and guides students through application processes and paying for college.

Investing: simplifies the complicated world of stocks and bonds and other investing options.

Credit: explains the importance of credit and highlights ways to get and keep good credit.

Career Prep: walks students through important concepts related to the working world, from the job search to finding the perfect work-life balance.

Living Independently: covers what young adults need to be aware of when they decide to live under their own roof: renter’s rights, insurance, avoiding roommate drama, and staying physically and financially healthy.

The Money Side of Life™ High School Program is based on state and national standards and provides a basic platform for an instructor to hit the ground running: lesson plans, assessments, mobile-friendly digital access, instructor’s manual. The program can stand alone or be easily integrated with other resources instructors may be using. It is designed to be flexible and easy to use and for students to access.

Our approach is to talk to the students, not at them. The material is highly relevant to young adults.

“We love how Brass takes the ‘complicated’ world of finance and puts it into concepts that are easily understood. We appreciate the very practical and down to earth articles that are written to appeal to those under the age of 25 — many who have never considered what it means to balance a checkbook, create a budget or plan for the future. I think the information is crucial, especially since none of our children have been taught much about finances in school, and as parents, we realize that we have not been as thorough as we should have been.”

It is simply impossible to be college and career ready without understanding The Money Side of Life™. Let’s make a difference.