ID Theft? Here’s how to bounce back

Fresh out of Vanderbilt University, 22-year-old T.K. (we’ll use his initials for reasons that will become obvious momentarily) moved back home to Richmond, VA and was ready for his first credit card. With Mom by his side for guidance, they applied for a checking account, only to find that it wasn’t the first time his […]


Is It Time for a Self Evaluation at Work?

For some employees, there’s nothing more dreaded than review time, especially if your performance dictates whether you’ll be getting a raise for the upcoming year. But while getting reviewed by a manager is nerve-wracking in its own right, perhaps the most stressful piece of the puzzle comes in the form of the self-evaluation. In recent […]

Using Social Media to Get the Job

We’ve all seen the social media fails resulting in fired employees. Obviously, being rude to the boss or posting pictures that would make grandma blush is a bad idea. But if you use it correctly, social media can be your stepping stone to a new (or better) job. Reaching Out LinkedIn is the best place […]

Could You Be a Shopaholic?

Imagine the thrill of air slapping your face as you plummet thousands of feet down towards earth, the adventure of scuba diving in a tank of hungry great whites or the excitment of handing over a credit card to purchase a new sweater. Wait, you might be saying, that last one doesn’t seem to fit […]

Where’s my money going? Understanding your paycheck deductions

Does your paycheck end up disappointingly smaller than expected? All those deductions are hard to decipher, but understanding your pay stub lets you know where your cash is going and why. Pay stubs differ depending on your employer and state, but we’ve broken down the basics for you here: Before and After Gross Pay: The […]

Seasonal Jobs for a Change of Scenery

Are you ready for a change? About to burn out on school or your current job? It could be time for you to consider bumming around for a bit. No, that’s not sitting around on your bum all day — it’s getting a seasonal job and a welcome change from the daily grind of typical […]

The Power of PR

Are you in the business of promoting? Got any PR skills? I bet you’re more of a promoter than you might think. You may not know what PR stands for (public relations), but have you ever started a business, played in a band, raised money for a charity or planned a party? If you answered […]

Get What You Want: Negotiating like a pro

As children we made a case to stay up past our bedtime or have a cookie before dinner. Negotiating as an adult, from asking for a pay raise to a discounted product price, can be intimidating. The good news is that you don’t have to be a corporate head in a power suit to hold […]

Use Your Writing Skills to Get Hired, Not Fired

Texting, social media and blogging are now the popular kids in the grammar world, leaving the English language stuck home alone waiting for a phone call. Grammar, punctuation and spelling have been disregarded in favor of speed and convenience. It’s understandable if you’re just firing off a quick note or text to a friend, but […]

Making Cash From Your Craft

A daily nine-to-five only leaves us so much time to do the things we love. If you enjoy getting your hands dirty in the garden now and then, great. However, if your office cubical fills up with eight different species of flora, all of which you can name, you’ve got a potentially profitable passion on […]

8 Simple Ways to Save Without Giving up Your Morning Coffee

Ever wonder where all your money has gone at the end of the month? You might be performing a magic trick without even realizing it. And you’re not alone, my friend. Saving money can be one of the hardest habits to nail down, but learning how to save in small places can really start to […]

Is It Time to Consider Getting a Business Loan?

There may come a point when your small business plateaus. Expanding operations is difficult without cash, and there won’t be new cash until operations are expanded. Financing that move is the next step. A business loan might fit your needs. A business loan, like any loan, is an agreement to transfer property (usually cash) from […]

When to Save or Shred Your Important Documents

Let’s take a look at five common documents you may receive in the mail regularly, as well as documents that contain your personal information and let you know when, how and if you should throw them away. It might also be time to invest in your own shredder; you can pick one up at most office supply or department […]

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