Five Simple Ways You Can Get Fired

Finding a job these days is difficult, but once you’ve got the gig, there is a whole new set of obstacles you’ve got to overcome. If you’re a newbie to the working world, a new job market or even to a new office, not screwing up while on the job can become you’re new full-time job. Here are five of the most common […]


Choosing the Right IRA for You

If you’ve started exploring IRAs, you may have noticed there are a few different kinds out there. Before you open an account, it’s a good idea to learn about each to determine which is right for you. It’s always a good idea to speak with an advisor where you are opening your account to describe your situation and […]

Writing a Résumé That Will Get Results

Looking for a job? You’re not alone, and in this economy your résumé could make or break your job search. Regardless of where you are in your career or job search, you can still put together a résumé that can help you get noticed. The purpose of a résumé is to show potential employers your relevant […]

Shop Smart and Save Money on Groceries

Cooking can be much cheaper than eating out, provided you don’t eat filet mignon and truffles every night. There are many things that you can do without when you’re living on a tight budget, but food is not one of them. However, with a little creativity and planning, you can reduce the amount of money […]

A Six-Week Guide to Get Your Savings on Track

Why do personal finance pundits still tell us to stop spending money on lattes? Has that ever worked? Instead of wasting our time focusing on saving a few bucks here or there, I prefer to focus on the few big things that really matter and that I can control — the things that will make hundreds of […]

Good Debt Versus Bad Debt

Economists, parents, business people and newscasters use the word “debt” like it’s the boogey man of our generation, but what exactly is debt? Technically, debt is something — usually money — owed by one party to another. Whether it’s by charging a credit card, taking out a loan or asking your buddy to spot you […]

The Working Weekender: Make extra cash with a side gig

Need some extra cash, but available part-time jobs won’t fit your schedule or your style? Start your own weekend business and discover just how much your free time is worth. I’ll help you with some ideas and planning. You provide the weekends and a little ingenuity. The first step in coming up with a weekend […]

What You Need to Know About Buying a Home

Buying a house is a life-changing experience. It requires a huge investment of time and money, and can become a several decades-long commitment. If you’re looking for fewer strings attached and less financial responsibility, try renting. That’s the simple version. When you actually sit down to decide between renting and buying, here’s what you need to know. […]

Which Job Environment Is Right for You?

Finding the right job is an art and it also requires you knowing yourself and what you like and what you want out of a career. Often people search for jobs in their field without thinking about whether the job will fit their needs or lifestyle. Few people have the luxury to turn down a job opportunity, […]

Looking for Jobs on Craigslist and How to Protect Yourself

Free to post job listings and free to search, Craigslist is often the first stop for any jobseeker. Luckily, there’s usually no shortage of options: Craigslist receives more than 1 million new job listings each month. The question is how to intelligently navigate Craigslist. Craigslist can be a great way to discover companies, but it’s […]

How to Ask for a Sales Refund

There’s nothing wrong with paying for a good product or service, but what if you don’t get what you paid for? According to customer service training professional Ruby Newell-Legner, most people would just walk away. Newell-Legner states in her book, “Understanding Consumers,” that only 4 percent of dissatisfied customers actually voice their complaints to the […]

Life After Having Twins

Ever since I gave birth to twin girls, people have been asking all sorts of questions about what my life is like now. My answer? My life is hectic — very, very hectic. There’s not a lot of time for sleeping, eating or staying in touch with friends. And since I can’t hold and feed […]

Nonprofit and Government Resources for Homeless Students

In our final installment of resources for homeless college students, we’ll be looking at the incredible range of support services provided by many different organizations throughout the country. As we mentioned previously, homelessness for students in higher education is a rapidly growing issue that often goes unnoticed – even by college administrators. This phenomenon affects students throughout […]

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