Becoming My Own Boss: From secretary to freelance writer


When Startups Go Corporate: The good, the bad and the business suits

After working as a toy designer (yes, that’s a real thing) for a year, I decided to go back to freelance writing, which I loved (and still love) for many reasons — namely, the flexible nature of the job, and the ability to get paid for sharing my thoughts and ramblings.

wall street

Investing Gone Wrong: How I lost my life savings

My father taught me about money at a young age. By 19 I had already traveled to multiple wealth-building seminars across the country ranging in everything from stock trading, real estate and to making a living as a professional speaker. After meeting multiple millionaires I wanted that lifestyle for myself and trading stocks seemed like […]


Treehouse living is an Affordable option

Living in the trees isn’t just for the birds. Today, the majestic oak in the backyard has real estate potential. Treehouses are making a comeback with style, originality and affordability, all of which make this option attractive to us young homebuyers. While treehouses used to be viewed as a place children play, now these dwellings […]

splitting the bill

How to Split Costs with Roommates

Like toilet paper, a microwave and some curtains, roommates are usually a move-in necessity when you get your own place. Housing’s expensive. Fortunately, there are plenty of costs that can be split with roommates in order to make the living situation more affordable. Costs to Consider Obviously, the number one cost roommates split is rent. […]

Is this the author

Style on the Cheap: Dress Professionally on a Budget

Something about the words “professional dress” are just so intimidating for most college students. We’re not 100 percent sure what professional dress means, and in every business-y situation we find ourselves questioning what is appropriate or not. Dressing professionally is easier than you might think, though. It all depends on where you work. As an […]

Farm house

The Costs of Country Living

For most of my life, I lived outside of city limits and to this day my parents still live out in the country. I’ve found there are some money saving benefits to living outside the limits, plus you get to experience the beauty of nature every day. Living in the country is great, but like […]


Cait’s Extreme Frugal Tips

Many people consider themselves frugal, even cheap. However, I don’t know anyone so unwilling to part with money as my sister, Cait. Getting her to spend money on anything is a challenge. Her techniques are a little extreme, but they’re worth sharing. Cait’s extreme frugal tip (CEFT) #1: Eat a plain peanut butter sandwich for […]

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