Five Simple Ways You Can Get Fired

Finding a job these days is difficult, but once you’ve got the gig, there is a whole new set of obstacles you’ve got to overcome. If you’re a newbie to the working world, a new job market or even to a new office, not screwing up while on the job can become you’re new full-time job. Here are five of the most common mistakes you and your friends should try to avoid at work:

Slacking Off

Sounds obvious, but it’s easy to get too comfortable after the first few weeks. Work isn’t the place to give 50 percent. If you make careless mistakes, don’t show up on time or don’t pay attention to instructions, don’t be surprised if you get fired for a “performance issue.” Oh, and save the text messaging and homework for home.

Surfing the Internet

It’s a big faux pas to use the company inbox to email your friends and family. For many companies, your email and computer are all subject to search by your employer, so just play it smart and save your personal emails for after working hours. Companies have also been known to flag certain words and monitor website traffic. Work is not a good place to surf YouTube or shop for a new jacket either.

Looking For Another Job

It’s true, the best time to look for a job is while you have a job, but looking while you’re suppose to be working is stealing time  from the company. And stealing from the company is just about the quickest and easiest way to get fired. Look for new positions on your own time and don’t send out resumes or letters of interest from your company email address.

Sharing Company Secrets

Don’t share confidential business information with anyone outside of work, especially if you’ve signed a document that will let your boss fire you for leaking information to a competitor. That can include revealing secrets after you’ve already left a job. The same contracts that bind you from sharing information while you work usually still apply after your departure.

Breaking Company Rules

These things should be the easiest to avoid, but it’s up to you to find out what they are. For example, dating co-workers, making personal phone calls or getting into a physical fight are all things you could get fired for. Learn the rules and follow them.

Getting fired may not always be your fault, but your behavior and work ethic will have a big impact on whether you’ll hang onto your job, or if you’ll be let go. Who knows, if you do well enough, you may be able to ride out those rockier events you can’t avoid.

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