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Brass Media Inc. started when CEO Steve Sims found out that his son, Bryan, wanted to learn how to invest money. The pair opened an E-Trade account and figured investing real money was the best way to learn, and Bryan ran with it from there. As a sophomore in high school, he started trading stocks.

The interest in investing soon trickled down to Bryan’s peers, and the younger Sims came up with a plan to teach young adults about finance. He was also a teen advisor for a book published by the Motley Fools and his success story was even featured in “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Extraordinary Teens.”

During this time, Bryan was enrolled in a business class where the students were assigned to come up with and implement a short business plan. He decided to put together a plan to create an investment club at the high school where students could pool their money together to purchase stocks while learning the ins and outs of the financial world.

When he presented the idea to a panel of judges, they were intrigued and helped provide a grant to help him launch two investment clubs at the school. The clubs quickly grew to about 25 student investors, each with about $1,000 invested. As a club, they were actively trading around $25,000-30,000 a year while doing all of the investment analysis and purchases.

The clubs generated a considerable amount of local news and exposure and on the morning of Sept. 12, 2001, Sharon Epperson from Time Magazine, called Bryan and wanted to get his view as a young adult on what he thought the impact of the 9/11 attacks would have on the stock market and the U.S. economy.

Shortly after that call with Time Magazine regarding the economic impact on the U.S. economy, Steve Sims found out his company was closing. The father and son pair were uncertain about their own economic futures, and needed to come up with a plan. They knew young adults wanted more information about money, and set out to share that info with the world. Then, Brass Magazine — a publication produced by young adults for young adults regarding all thing related to personal finance — was born.

Fast forward to the present, and Brass Media Inc. is still dedicated to creating engaging, relatable and instructional products for web publishing, custom print and curricular programs for schools and the workplace.

We’re here to help young adults as they prepare themselves for the MONEY SIDE OF LIFE™.

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"I think that it is something that a lot of teenagers need to hear. You hear about people going out into the world right out of college and are instantly up to their eyeballs in debt. You really need to warn them about the dangers there are and the opportunities that there are."


"I just wanted to convey my appreciation for your excellent publications. Each issue holds so much helpful information both for my daughters and myself. We love how you take the "complicated" world of finance and put it into concepts that are easily understood."


“The program that was provided was given to a small group of students in our business school, but I believe that it is something that all students need to hear and would be well received by the whole student body.”


“This company basically started with nothing and that has a connection with me because I want to be a writer and it inspired me that I can try to start my own magazine if I wanted to. Just because you have nothing doesn’t mean you can't go anywhere.”


"We love the program we got from The Money Side of Life™. Our students are getting a much better financial education now."

Bill C - Teacher