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Cheap ways to exercise when you're broke

Cheap Ways to Exercise When You’re Broke

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Short on cash? That doesn’t mean you have an excuse to forgo exercise. Getting your workout in is especially important if you lead a sedentary lifestyle. Here are some free and cost-friendly ways to get a workout in without forking over the dough.

If you have a desk job or spend most of your day sitting, be sure to walk around at least every 45 minutes. Refill your water bottle or walk to the water fountain to sneak in some movement throughout the day. Practice some chair yoga or take mini breaks to do a few stretches in your cubicle. If the weather and distance allows, walk or bike instead of driving and take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Free(ish) Resources

Borrow or trade fitness equipment and/or DVDs from friends and family when they abandon or complete their own resolutions. If you have a yoga DVD and your pal just finished Insanity, negotiate a trade to try a new workout.

Find dirt or paved trails or neighborhood parks in your area where you can hike, ride your bike, walk, roller blade or skateboard. Invite friends or family along to keep each other accountable and active. As you walk or run, stop for some lunges, squats, push-ups or jumping jacks.

Research yoga classes in your area. Studios and yoga apparel companies often host free community classes each month. Sometimes these are donation based but many times they are completely free. Yoga and Pilates studios may even offer a free class card to try out their classes.

Find a community or a friend’s pool to use to swim laps. There are plenty of aerobic exercises you can do in the water.

Put the gym in your apartment complex or university to good use. A membership to your college’s gym is often included in the tuition price. If there is no gym in your dorm or apartment building, it’s likely that friends and family have one you could use as their guest. An added benefit is that you can have a gym date with a loved one.

Look Online

If you prefer solo workouts, search for fitness videos on YouTube and other websites. Yoga International, for instance, has many free videos available. The BeFit YouTube channel has almost 1.5 million followers who subscribe to its training videos. You can find dance, yoga, cardio and many other types of workouts online as well. You can even find celebrity trainers like Denise Austin to lead you through your exercise session.

An unlikely source of fitness advice may even be Instagram. The fitness community is active on the social media site. Search for keywords or hashtags such as fitness or workouts to find “fitspiration” videos, photos and tutorials. Well-known fitness trainers like Natalie Jill share videos with how-to’s. Similarly, users of Pinterest have shared links, photos and graphics that illustrate how to do workouts. (Just make sure that if you go this route you check to see whether the source of the information seems credible.)

With so many ways to get a workout in for free or little money, there’s no excuse to not keep moving.

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