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Take Advantage of the Extra Daylight This Summer

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Summer will arrive soon, and the bliss of seemingly endless free time can evaporate when you realize there’s nothing to fill all those hours. Summer jobs can be tough to come by these days, but you don’t need a job to have a productive (read: non-boring) summer. There are many other ways to meet new people, develop skills and gain experience when the job market is tight. If your current plans look emptier than a cash box at a lemonade stand, consider these ideas for a stellar summer.
Internships allow you to explore a career for a few months at a time. They are often unpaid, but it’s worth it if you find one that will build your résumé or help get a foot in the door. Check local businesses in your area that interest you to see if you can shadow and employee for a day before you make a months-long commitment.
There are volunteer opportunities everywhere you look. You may not get paid, but you can explore interests and potential careers while helping others. Plus, both colleges and employers alike look favorably on applicants who’ve done volunteer work. For volunteering options in your community, visit and
Camp Out
Summer camp is a great place to have fun, meet new friends, and experience something new. Camps range from outdoor adventures to workshops on photography, film, acting, science, technology and computers. Visit for a nationwide directory of camps and info on how to fund your fun. Depending on the camp, you may be able to apply for a scholarship to cover the cost. Also check with your local university — many colleges offer academic and sports summer programs.
Travel Abroad
Have a bug to get out of the country, practice a foreign language or explore a new culture? Check out which has a database of volunteer opportunities and jobs abroad. Keep in mind that traveling out of the country can be expensive, so plan ahead and compare program costs.
Don’t let all those glorious hours of extra sunlight waste away this summer! Get involved in your community and enjoy everything that this summer has to offer.

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