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Track Your Finances: 10 money management apps that can help you save

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Track spending to the dime, browse your investment portfolio and save for that trip to Europe, all while standing in line at the post office.

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Track spending to the dime, browse your investment portfolio and save for that trip to Europe, all while standing in line at the post office. Hundreds of finance apps on the market today turn your smartphone into a powerful financial tool, ideal for seizing control of your bottom line. Here’s a sampling of some apps you’ll love.

The all around app. Intuit’s Mint Personal Finance (free on Android, iOS) is a full-featured, powerhouse of an app. The app uses 128-bit encryption to link bank accounts and investment portfolios, making tracking, spending, saving and budgeting seamless, fast and safe.

The app for saving. Unsplurge (free on iOS) is a unique app that allows you to connect with like-minded savers in your community. It starts with a simple question, “What do you want to save for?” and creates a strategy for you based on your savings goal. You can also see what other people in your area are currently saving for.

The visual app. Budgeting is not usually entertaining; but Toshl Finance (free on Android, iOS) does its best to make it so. The software offers fun spending visualizations, helpful reminders and powerful budgeting tools.

The family friendly app. For families that operate on a single budget, HomeBudget ($5.99 on Android, $2.99 on iOS) is a great option. The app has a robust budgeting tool with category customization and expense tracking. And best of all, it allows multiple family members to input data from different devices in real time.

The app for the business traveler. For anyone facing the prospect of a post-travel expense report, Expensify (free on Andriod, iOS) is a must-have. The app effortlessly tracks receipts, and time and mileage while outputting. As the app’s creators put it — Expensify creates “expense reports that don’t suck.”

The cash flow meter. Level Money (free on iOS) automatically connects to users’ bank accounts to track expenses and income. Users get an up-to-date picture of what they can spend on any given day, week or month based on their savings goals.

The financial prognosticator. Any app can tell users what they have in their accounts right now. DollarBird (free on iOS) goes that extra step and uses spending history to predict what users will have in their account tomorrow, next week and next month.

The interface app. CoinKeeper ($5.99 on iOS, free on Android) boasts the fastest transaction interface on the market. An innovative drag-and-drop system helps users track spending and monitor their budgets without cumbersome inputting.

The full-featured. MoneyWiz ($4.99 for iOS) is definitely among the most robust finance tools out there with 300-plus features and syncing across all (Apple) platforms. The desktop version will set you back another $24.99. But for those that need something more powerful, this is a great option.

The app for bill paying. Late bills wreak havoc on a credit score. Don’t miss a payment ever again with Expense Keep (free on Android, iOS). The app consolidates household expenses, stores bills and statements and offers custom alerts to keep users on top of their spending.

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