Building Partnerships in Education

Everyone wants high school students to succeed and contribute to the community’s success. But how can businesses contribute to the success of students?

In our latest white paper, we’ll show you what schools and private businesses have to offer each other. We include a few case studies that illustrate how partnerships have benefited young adults in their communities.

Why Your Business Needs to Be in the Classroom

It’s crucial for young adults to be prepared for the real world. Many schools don’t include financial education or job training in their curricula, but this is a perfect place for local businesses to step in.

Download our white paper on classroom involvement for local businesses to learn how getting involve can benefit your business, which types of classroom involvement you can participate in and how to make sure you connect with teachers and students.

Financial Education: Giving Students the Right Foundation

Why is financial education important? What should a financial literacy program look like? How can you make money matters important to your students and your school?

Our latest white paper goes through these issues and gives you a comprehensive look at what a good financial literacy education covers.