Seasonal Jobs for a Change of Scenery

Are you ready for a change? About to burn out on school or your current job? It could be time for you to consider bumming around for a bit. No, that’s not sitting around on your bum all day — it’s getting a seasonal job and a welcome change from the daily grind of typical jobs. Try something new, pursue a passion and build your resume. You could serve beach-lounging visitors, instruct newbies in the art of riding the snowy slopes, rent skis and snowboards at a mountain ski shop or even teach swimming lessons at a summer camp.

Seasonal jobs are positions that aren’t available year-round. There’s no commitment to return, and you can enjoy hobbies, sports, or just the scenery in your free time — sometimes even while you work. Be a seasonal bum like a pro by making ends meet and getting valuable experience, all while enjoying a temporary hiatus from the “real world.”

Getting the Gig
Apply months in advance for highly sought after jobs to beat the rush. Customize your resume for the specific position you’re interested in. Network your way in. Maybe you know a friend, who knows a guy, and so on. Talk to anyone you know who has worked in or visited the area you are interested in. Consider short-term administration or promotional jobs if you’re not qualified for some of the outdoor jobs. Be professional. Just because it’s the coolest job you’ve ever applied for doesn’t mean you can approach it casually.
Budgeting on Limited Funds
Bike, walk, skateboard or carpool to get around and save on fuel. Also be sure to explore the perks of the job before accepting — if you know you want to snowboard, make sure your job on the mountain comes with a free pass.
Here are tips to hit the surf or snow for the season:

If working on your tan or your surf skills interests you, look toward the coasts. It’s never too early to plan for a summer gig — beach resorts can offer anything from waiting tables and housekeeping to life-guarding. Check out opportunities down by the docks with fisherman or commercial day cruises. When looking for the sand, don’t leave out lakeside activities at summer camps and vacation spots. Rivers may not have many beach-fronts, but they can offer plenty of opportunities for river guides.

If fresh powder and back-country are more your style, consider heading toward the mountains. Like the beach, you’ll find retail and resort jobs, but working as a ski or snowboard instructor, lift operator or with ski patrol gets you closer to the slopes all day. Love snow so much you want to make it? There’s a job for that too!

There’s something out there for everyone looking to enjoy a new job for a season. Just keep it professional — no one wants to hire a lazy bum.

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