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Deliver your message right to your customers with a 16 page, full-color educational product that shows you care. Customize the cover and ads to distribute your own branded publication. For more impact, pair the print product with a digital edition for easy, online delivery. Contact us for help in ad design and layout strategy.

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Cheat Sheets

Looking for a more unique handout or direct delivery piece? Try a Cheat Sheet: Cheat Sheets are a topic-based, fold out piece that delivers bite-size content on one side and a large infographic on the other.

High School Programs

College and Career Readiness - Financial Responsibility

In March 2016, Achieve, a non-profit education reform organization released a study based on “College and Career Readiness of U.S. High School Graduates” and asked a seemingly simple question:

“Are high school graduates prepared for post-secondary success?” Their answer?

Too few high school graduates are prepared to succeed in post-secondary education, the military and careers.”

After hearing so many people say “I wish I had learned that in high school,” after learning about our personal finance resources, we set out to help change that picture. We created The Money Side of Life™ HIGH SCHOOL PROGRAM for the classroom.

If you are a teacher and what to see how it works, click the “LOGIN” button at the top of the page, create an account and you are off to the races with a trial.

A school license for every teacher in a school to have access is $1,995.00 annually.

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In-class Resources

Ready-to-use classroom materials and activities to prepare students for life after graduation. Topics include everything from credit building to finding the right career path.

Instructor Materials

Standards-based lesson plans designed to give a meaningful learning experience to help your students prepare for the MONEY SIDE OF LIFE™.

Digital or Print

Access it anywhere with mobile-friendly delivery or roll it up and take it with you in print.

Interested in becoming a High School Program Sponsor? Contact us for more details.

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