Should You Get a Job in Retail?

Whether you’re looking for a summer gig or just a little something to boost your income, a retail job can fit the bill.

Yeah, retail sounds boring, but getting the right job can be totally sweet — especially if you’re already into what you’re selling.

Choosing the Store

Retail refers to the selling of goods in small quantities to final consumers. When you choose what kind of retail store or company you want to work for, think about your hobbies and interests. On your time off, do you play video games with your friends? Maybe you should work at a game store. Are you into wearing the latest fashions? You might consider a trendy outfitter. Working with and selling the products you love and are familiar with can definitely add some zing to a retail gig.

Finding a Position

You have a few choices when it comes to searching for the perfect retail job. You can read the classifieds in newspapers, submit your resume on career websites or you can visit a mall or store in person. Many retailers use newspapers to advertise for jobs before a store opens. Check out the paper’s classifieds and be the first to apply for openings at soon-to-be businesses.

Visit career websites like and Don’t forget to search a mall or property management’s website for job postings.

The best way to job search may be in person. Walk around and observe the employees in the stores you want to work at before you apply. How are the employees dressed? Do they seem to enjoy working there? Bring several copies of your resume and dress to impress.

Understanding the Perks

Working retail can include perks beyond just making money.

Discounts — If you love sports and want to work in a sporting goods store, you can take advantage of any employee discounts. Just be careful not to blow every paycheck.

Professional experience — If you plan to open a sporting goods store of your own someday, getting real experience now could be invaluable later.

You care — Being interested in the field before you land a job in it can positively affect how you conduct yourself in the workplace. Customers will probably notice you have an interest in sporting goods beyond the paycheck, and immersion in the field (while getting paid) will probably tickle your fancy. And if you happen to work on commission, it might even boost your paycheck.

There’s money to be made in retail, so check it out if you’re in need of some.

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