What Questions Should You Ask an Interviewer?

It’s time for your interview. You’re ready for the open-ended, “Can you tell me about yourself?” and the impossible-to-answer, “What’s your biggest weakness?” But are you prepared to ask questions as well? The interview process is about determining the right fit for everyone involved. Landing a job that doesn’t match your goals may mean a […]


Using Social Media to Get the Job

We’ve all seen the social media fails resulting in fired employees. Obviously, being rude to the boss or posting pictures that would make grandma blush is a bad idea. But if you use it correctly, social media can be your stepping stone to a new (or better) job. Reaching Out LinkedIn is the best place […]

Seasonal Jobs for a Change of Scenery

Are you ready for a change? About to burn out on school or your current job? It could be time for you to consider bumming around for a bit. No, that’s not sitting around on your bum all day — it’s getting a seasonal job and a welcome change from the daily grind of typical […]

The Power of PR

Are you in the business of promoting? Got any PR skills? I bet you’re more of a promoter than you might think. You may not know what PR stands for (public relations), but have you ever started a business, played in a band, raised money for a charity or planned a party? If you answered […]

Starting the Search for Your Dream Job

What do you see yourself doing in 10 years? Where do you see your career going? If you haven’t been asked these questions by your parents or gym teacher yet, expect them. Your parents, guidance counselors and other caring adults in your life want you to do well for yourself as you become an adult. […]