Startups: What I learned working for one

There’s little in life that can be more disappointing than realizing that your present job is a dead-end dud with more office politics than a soap opera. It ranks right up there with finding out that your field of study is so competitive that getting hired is about as likely as winning the Powerball. Employers typically […]


Obstacles to Overcome When You Quit Your Day Job

The road to self-employment and self-sufficiency isn’t always paved in gold. In fact, it is often windy, dusty, and full of pot holes. When I decided to transition from my six years in the medical field to starting my own freelance company, I hit the pavement with the determination of a race car driver. I […]

Three Things You Need to Run a Successful Startup

Thousands of people make the decision to start their own business every year. And although many individuals make an attempt at company ownership, very few are actually successful. Hard work and dedication are two important qualities associated with running a successful business. However, some entrepreneurs have a special edge on top of that. Startup companies […]