Important Information to Include in Your Business Plan

Everyone wants to start a business — well, at least more and more Americans do than ever before. While the initial step into the business world doesn’t necessarily require an MBA, it will demand a well-written business plan. Use this cheat sheet to craft your first draft. Before starting, do as much research as possible. […]


The Working Weekender: Make extra cash with a side gig

Need some extra cash, but available part-time jobs won’t fit your schedule or your style? Start your own weekend business and discover just how much your free time is worth. I’ll help you with some ideas and planning. You provide the weekends and a little ingenuity. The first step in coming up with a weekend […]

What I Learned From Bad Freelancing Experiences

One of the best parts of freelancing is getting to work when and where you choose. These days, I do the majority of my work from the comfort of my home office, though I have been known to hammer out assignments on both a mountaintop and a beach. It’s also nice to know that when […]

Social Media and Entrepreneurs Go Hand in Hand

Ask any entrepreneur what has led them to success and you’re likely to get a variety of responses like dedication, networking, smart investments and a large dose of  business acumen. All of these terms certainly do apply to anyone that hopes to make it as an entrepreneur, but more and more frequently you will hear […]

Learning How to be My Own Boss

I come from a family of self-employed entrepreneurs.  I have witnessed their struggles over the years, but I’ve also seen the freedom that comes from setting your own rules, and working on your own terms. For almost eight years I enjoyed a well-paying 9-to-5 job in the medical industry. And when I say enjoyed it, […]