Working From Home: The best new work perk

Flexibility is an asset for gymnasts and circus performers, but it’s now also an option for your everyday working stiff. According to a 2017 Gallup poll, forty-three percent of all U.S. employees worked from home at least one day a week. Not only does remote employment offer convenience for employees and increased profit for employers, […]


Why I Left My First Job After College

The typical path to the American Dream: go to college, get a job. It’s tempting to take the first job offer so that you can check off your progress. But that’s not always the smartest or most fulfilling choice. I recently went through this experience and will share my reasons for leaving my first post-grad […]

What Questions Should You Ask an Interviewer?

It’s time for your interview. You’re ready for the open-ended, “Can you tell me about yourself?” and the impossible-to-answer, “What’s your biggest weakness?” But are you prepared to ask questions as well? The interview process is about determining the right fit for everyone involved. Landing a job that doesn’t match your goals may mean a […]

Should You Get a Job in Retail?

Whether you’re looking for a summer gig or just a little something to boost your income, a retail job can fit the bill. Yeah, retail sounds boring, but getting the right job can be totally sweet — especially if you’re already into what you’re selling. Choosing the Store Retail refers to the selling of goods […]

How to Be a Successful Team Player

Most people have been part of a team at some point in their lives. While we were in school, we’re frequently paired up and put into groups to complete big projects. After school, there were sports teams, debate clubs, theater groups and even video game sessions. The list goes on and on. While some people […]

How to Stand out From the Crowd at Job Fairs

Attending a job fair is an entirely different ballgame than going on an individual interview. The biggest mistake people make with job fairs is they prepare the same way they do for interviews. While it is a good idea to be familiar with common interview questions, there are specific things you should do to get […]

Content Marketing 101: How to start from the ground up

Content marketing is the most effective way to attract people to your brand. If you’re just starting out, you’re in for a lot of fun. At first, it may seem insurmountable, but before you know it, you’ll achieve the glory of successful content marketing. Marketing techniques, such as content marketing, can take time and dedication […]

What You Can Learn as the Youngest Employee at Work

If you’ve just landed an internship or started a new career, chances are you may just be the youngest person in your office, and sometimes by a lot. This may mean that the chances of making similar-aged office friends and finding someone to join you at an après-work happy hour are unfortunately slim to none. […]

Another Year to Search for My Dream Job

My mother absolutely believes that dream jobs exist. She believes there’s a perfect position out there for me, and she bases this belief on the fact that she’s had two dream jobs in her lifetime. One was as a paralegal, and the other as my mother (her words). I had a hard time believing her […]

Budgeting for Your Entry-Level Paycheck

The transition from being a dependent to an independent person can be a rough one, especially when you’re staring at paychecks from not-so-lucrative wages. Bills and expenses can seem overwhelming, and the amount left for fun is depressing. Before thinking the end is near, remember that there are ways to prevent financial obligations from hindering […]

How to Leave Your Job Professionally

Quitting your job professionally is all about leaving behind a positive image. Leave on a good note and you are more likely to get a good reference (or another job with the same company in the future). Whether you are leaving your summer job selling soft-serve ice cream or your first foray in your chosen […]

Is It Time for a Self Evaluation at Work?

For some employees, there’s nothing more dreaded than review time, especially if your performance dictates whether you’ll be getting a raise for the upcoming year. But while getting reviewed by a manager is nerve-wracking in its own right, perhaps the most stressful piece of the puzzle comes in the form of the self-evaluation. In recent […]

Using Social Media to Get the Job

We’ve all seen the social media fails resulting in fired employees. Obviously, being rude to the boss or posting pictures that would make grandma blush is a bad idea. But if you use it correctly, social media can be your stepping stone to a new (or better) job. Reaching Out LinkedIn is the best place […]