Top 7 Cheap (musician pun) Halloween Costumes

By staff on Oct 12th, 2012 | Livin’ the Dream

Some Reddit bro recently posted this image of his 2010 Halloween costume “French Kiss.” Being liberal arts majors ourselves, blessed with pun powers and not a lot of cash, we decided to come up with some ramen-noodle-budget music costumes for ourselves. These are our seven best/WORST.

Costume #1
The Band/Musician: Radiohead

The Costume: Draw a radio on a piece of cardboard. Tape it to your head.

Likely Reaction: “Hmm. We all know who’s broke this year, amirite?” /high fives other bros.

Cost: Nothing if you steal the marker.

Costume #2
The Band/Musician: Nickleback

The Costume: Tape a bunch of nickels to the back of your shirt. Alternative: go topless and tape nickels directly to your back. Depending on your gender/friend’s orientation this may distract from your costume.

Likely Reaction: “Your costume sucks almost as much as their music.”

Cost: Five cents per nickel, ya hoser.

Costume #3
The Band/ Musician: Lady Gaga

The Costume: Dress like a lady, any lady. Walk around with a baby rattle saying “goo goo, gaga” all night.

Likely Reaction: ”silence.” /shakes head, walks away.

Cost: A few bucks for a secondhand rattle. Free if you borrow the rattle from a baby.

Costume #4
The Band/ Musician: The Black Eyed Peas

The Costume: Paint a black eye on yourself. Wear a pea-colored shirt.

Likely Reaction: “You got that boom-boom pow. Them chickens jackin’ my style.”

Cost: Virtually nothing.

Costume #5
The Band/ Musician: Aerosmith

The Costume: Cut an arrow shape out of cardboard, bind it to a broomstick, and tape the stick to your back/front. Carry a blacksmith hammer.

Likely Reaction: “What are you, Thor?”

Cost: Borrow that hammer, or it’s gonna get expensive.

Costume #6
The Band/ Musician: Meat Loaf

The Costume: Bake/buy multiple loaves of meat. Saran-wrap them to your body. Shout “MEAT LOAF” for clarification.

Likely Reaction: “Shut up! We saw you already… wait, I’m getting hungry.”

Cost: About three bucks per pound of meat. Hit up that discount meat rack.

Costume #7
The Band/ Musician: dc Talk

The Costume: Dress up only in DC clothing borrowed from your skate/surf/snowboard friend. Talk constantly.

Likely Reaction: “Ya, dc Talk!” /breaks into song lyrics: “Man with the tat on his big fat belly, it wiggled around like marmalade jelly. It took me a while to catch what he said, ’cause I had to match the rhythm of his belly with my head.”

You’ll reply, “Cool, you went to youth group, too.”

Cost: Your tithe.

[Update: For a pumpkin full of more pun costumes, click this like you own it.]