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We are The Money Side of Life™, and we’d like to welcome you to our new and exciting website. Here you’ll find money-related resources on the many ways our lives intersect with all that dough.

It’s no secret that we need money to put a roof over our heads and food on the table. But it’s the small financial details that can often slip through the cracks. What are you supposed to do when you lose a job? How much savings are you really supposed to have stashed away? What exactly is a 401(K)?

Throughout this site, we’ve provided resources for teachers, students and anyone looking for continued education on budgeting, savings, college prep, living on your own and much more. We also offer whitepapers on the importance of financial literacy and here on the blog, you’ll find stories from people like you about how they’ve successfully (or not so successfully) handled their money trials and tribulations.

Our goal for this new site is to provide for you, our readers and customers, a one-stop site for all your financial literacy needs.

Why is financial literacy important, you ask?

The National Financial Educators Council defines financial literacy as “possessing the skills and knowledge on financial matters to confidently take effective action that best fulfills an individual’s personal, family and global community goals.”

In short, people are more likely to make better decisions about their money when they understand financial concepts and outcomes. But according to a study by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, more than one in six U.S. teens can’t make simple choices about daily spending — but it’s not just about teens anymore.

Starting with the day we get our first credit card to the day we cash in our retirement savings, there’s a lesson to learn about making smart financial choices during every stage of life.

That’s why we’re here — to make some sense of this often-confusing part of our everyday lives.

And for even more tales and tips about The Money Side of Life™, we’ll be sharing new blog posts from our talented contributors who are willing to tell their stories about how money has affected their lives. We’ll be talking about what it takes to be your own boss, how to successfully invest your paycheck and even creative ways some people are paying for college.

So, take your time and have a look around our new site — we are open to any questions and feedback you may have about how we can better provide our products and services.

We’ll also be posting updates to our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages, and don’t forget to come back and check the blog every Monday, where we’ll be posting new and exciting content.

Although we have a new look, our goal remains the same: to come together to learn more about navigating The Money Side of Life™.

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